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Equality Objectives 2019-2023


Equality Objectives 2019 – 2023



Target group




Monitoring and Evidence

To promote spiritual, moral, social and

cultural development through all

appropriate curricular opportunities, with

particular reference to issues of equality

and diversity







Religion or belief,


Sexual orientation,


  • To devise a programme of visits to include places of worship, other towns and cities – speak with other schools to see who/what they use to support SMSC

Annual review of the Whole School Curriculum Map

  • Topic planning
  • Curriculum newsletters
  • Use of SCARF materials
  • Pupil Voice
  • PSHCE to monitor SCARF usage


  • Programme of visitors organised for assemblies/RE lessons/topics to share different faiths and cultures


  • Cultural Stimulus (Term 5 focus) to focus on enrichment and understanding of world faiths/cultures


  • Use events like World Cup, Olympics as opportunities to explore other cultures


  • To check that incidents of gender bias are challenged – raising awareness of all stakeholders


  • Embed Coram Life Education’s SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship) as a resource to support equality and diversity


  • Explore and review resources from the Disability Action Alliance

To eradicate prejudice related bullying in relation to the protected characteristics listed in the Equality Act 2010







Religion or belief,


Sexual orientation


  • Review Anti-bullying Charter through Talking Groups


  • Autumn 2019


  • Termly in assemblies


  • Spring 2020
  • Staff are equipped with knowledge to tackle HBT bullying
  • Number of  recorded incidents of specific name calling i.e. homophobic/ racist will decrease over the period of this document
  • Pupils will be able to articulate the understanding of discriminatory behaviours



  • Use Stonewall materials to support children’s understanding in assemblies, class work and display posters around the school


  • Review system for recording and monitoring incidences of discriminatory behaviours to ensure it is effective


  • Systems ensure swift identification of any issues, prompt and effective action involving parents where necessary and effective recording.


  • Consider appointing a Lead Person to train as a Stonewall Champion and work towards achieving Bronze Award

To promote a fully inclusive environment and learning opportunities for all pupils

Disability and Special Needs



  • To provide opportunities during PSHCE and Talking Groups for pupils to learn about and discuss issues related to disabilities and special needs

Termly Talking Group Agenda item

  • Topic planning
  • Curriculum newsletters
  • School newsletter


  • Programme of visitors organised for assemblies to share experiences of living with or supporting people with disabilities or Special Needs


  • Seek opportunities for pupils to volunteer as peer supporters of pupils with disabilities or Special Needs


  • Use events such as Para-Olympics as opportunities to explore disabilities and special needs


  • To check that incidents of discrimination are challenged

To promote a fully inclusive environment and learning opportunities for all parent/ carers

Disability and Special Needs


  • Programme of regular parent/carer coffee mornings with training in different aspects of disability or SEN

Termly as available


HT termly meetings at DSPL3

  • SENCo records/ registers of attendance
  • Questionnaires
  • School website


  • Local events for parents/carers and families of pupils with disabilities and Special Educational Needs regularly advertised on school website


  • Annual questionnaire to parents/ carers about the provision for pupils with disabilities and SEN


  • Families invited to attend annual ‘SENCo and Families Forum’ to explore their feelings about school practice