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Consultation on the Admissions Arrangements 2022/23 of Summercroft Primary School

For the attention of: the Headteacher, School Governors, parents and children at your school 


Proposed Admission Arrangements 2022/2023


As an Academy, Summercroft Primary School decides its own admission arrangements and these mostly follow those which Hertfordshire County Council sets for the schools which it maintains.


The County Council is proposing to make two changes for 2022/2023 and Summercroft has decided to align with them by making the same changes. We are required by law to consult on these for a minimum period of six weeks.


The first change relates to Rule 5 which is Nearest School.

The wording of this Rule for 2021/2022 is “Children for whom it is their nearest school or academy. This includes all schools or academies (regardless of status) except those which prioritise applications and allocate places on the basis of faith.”

The proposed wording for 2022/2023 is “Children for whom it is the nearest school or academy. This includes all schools or academies except those which allocate places on the basis of faith (membership or practice) before allocating on the basis of distance/location.”


The second change relates to Multiple Births.

The wording of this for 2021/2022 is “ If a single twin or multiple birth child is allocated the final place available, the school will also offer a place to the other single twin/multiple birth children who are excepted from the limit on infant class sizes under the School Admissions (Infant Class Sizes) (England) Regulations 2012.”

The proposed wording for 2022/2023 is “The school will admit over its published admission number when a single twin/multiple birth child is allocated a place at the school.”


The full text of Summercroft’s proposed admission arrangements for 2022/2023 can be viewed on the school’s website.


If you wish to express your views on the proposed changes for us to consider then you should do so during the consultation period which runs from 5 November 2020 to 17 December 2020. Please either email them to or send or deliver them to the School Office, Summercroft Primary School, Plaw Hatch Close , Bishop’s Stortford CM23 5BJ marked “for the attention of Michael Kirby”.

Link to Proposed Admission Arrangements


Kind regards,


Michael Kirby  - Chair

On behalf of the Governors