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Diversity Week 2021

What a week at Summercroft we have had! The staff and pupils have thrown themselves into learning more about different diverse figures. We were extremely proud that we managed to secure an outside artist to come into our school this week. James Taylor, a rapper and beatboxer lead sessions with Years 1-6 with a focus on diversity. He was absolutely phenomenal and the children have been raving about how fun and engaging it was. He was also extremely complimentary about the children's behaviour, attitude and enthusiasm towards the workshops!


Thank you to all the children who entered the Diversity Sticker competition. We were very impressed by the number of entries and the effort the children put in to thinking about what could represent diversity. We are pleased to announce the following class winners are: Samuel C (Acorn), Emily P (Willow), Elsie-Rose T (Ash), Poppy T (Chestnut), Isabella A (Cherry), Freddie G (Holly), Lucas C (Oak), Rayaan T (Maple), Julianna B (Apple), Hiba F (Elm), Hugo T (Beech), Aimi H (Hazel), Natasha B (Sycamore), Weronika M (Birch) and Clover VB (Lime).


Congratulations to the overall Key Stage winners whose designs will be printed: EYFS - Samuel C, KS1 - Poppy T, LKS2 - Julianna B and UKS2 - Weronika M.


Thank you for all your support this week, the children have greatly enjoyed learning about new people and how they overcame differences to succeed in their chosen profession and inspire others. And in the words of Gareth Thomas, who sent us a special video: "Never hide your differences because your differences are what make you unique and your differences are what make you YOU."


Miss O'Leary and Mrs Greenhill