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Letter to Parents from East Herts Community Safety Partnership


East Herts Council

Community Safety

Wallfields, Pegs Lane

Hertford, Herts

SG13 8EQ


October 2021


Dear Parent / Guardian


Re: October Half term


We are writing to you as a parent or guardian of a young person who attends a school within East Herts and seeking your support in the forthcoming weeks in regards to Halloween and Fireworks.


This time of year can result in an increase of anti-social behaviour (ASB) within the district from young people.  Notably in 2019 there was a significant increase in groups of young people causing a nuisance in public places resulting in several members of the public to feel alarmed and distressed.  In addition one young person sustained facial burns after being hit by a lit firework.  In some areas the ASB was planned and arranged over social media with groups targeting locations and meeting points.


East Herts Community Safety Partnership* (CSP) continues to work together to ensure that these incidents do not take place this year.  As a parent or guardian of a young people we would request your support during this period to keep our communities safe.


We are therefore asking that you ensure you know where your child / children is/are during the half term break and the days that lead up to and after Halloween.  There is advice of Herts Police website on how to stay safe:


We would also ask that if you hear of any planned activity that you report it to Herts Police on 101 or email

Police will be increasing patrols and also using powers under the ASB Crime and Policing Act to take young people home.  Information of those responsible for any ASB will be shared with schools and other relevant agencies (such as Housing providers).


Proactive work is also happening with firework retailers and also information will be circulated in communities on how to enjoy the Halloween and Firework season responsibly and safely.


The CSP will also be providing free activities for young people (aged 11-19) over the October half term.  Please check The East Herts Community Safety Partnership Facebook page for more details.


We would like to thank you in advance for your support in keeping East Herts a safe place to live, visit and work, and not allowing the behaviour of the minority to negatively impact upon communities.


Yours faithfully


Mark Collins                                     Julie Pomfrett

Safer Neighbourhood Inspector                      Community Safety &                                                            ASB Manager

Hertfordshire Constabulary                    East Herts Council