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I can now share with you what the remote learning will look like over the next half term.  It is obviously not how we would choose to be teaching the children and comes with a huge number of challenges for our staff.  One of the main issues is that they have children and families at home to care for themselves and will be juggling their own lives while still teaching the children.  It is not possible to give the same quality of lesson online; the staff are highly skilled in planning and delivering face-to-face lessons in the classroom to meet the needs of every child, but this is much more difficult remotely.  I am also aware of the challenges you will be facing with trying to work from home while supporting your children with their learning.  I want to make clear that the absolute priority is that everyone stays safe and focuses on their mental wellbeing during this time.  If your child is really struggling with the online learning, then please don't put too much pressure on them or yourself.  These are really challenging times!


The online learning will start tomorrow and will have the same general structure each week:

  • Each day there will be a short morning video on Seesaw / Tapestry as a welcome message and to explain the day’s learning from the class teacher 
  • On a Tuesday and Friday there will be a Remote Check-in with groups of 6 children at a time for 15 minutes delivered on Zoom.  The time, meeting ID and password will be uploaded onto Seesaw / Tapestry beforehand.   
  • Weekly timetables will be uploaded onto Seesaw / Tapestry and will also be available on the school website via
  • All lessons will either have an online input, or a pre-recorded video will be uploaded onto Seesaw / Tapestry  
  • In addition to their online learning, children can also access Times Tables Rockstars / Numbots (Keystage 1 and 2) and Purple Mash using their personal logins.  
  • Work uploaded to Seesaw / Tapestry will be acknowledged.  This maybe through verbal feedback, like, emoji or more detailed response if required.  Some feedback may be provided as a group, where appropriate.  
  • Any work completed online will need to then be uploaded to Tapestry / Seesaw if it is to be marked by the teacher
  • Three times a week, teachers will upload a story for the children to listen to and enjoy. 

If you have forgotten or lost your Tapestry or Seesaw login then please email and we will get it to you ASAP.  Please bear with us with this, as there are a lot of emails coming in currently.  We will get back to you as soon as we can.


If you cannot access online learning, there will be packs available to collect from the school office. Please email in advance to request a pack so that it can be ready for you on arrival. If you require a pack and it is not possible for you to come to the school office, please contact us via the email and we will try to arrange a delivery. 


Mr Stephen Jess

Acting Headteacher