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Stephen Jess appointed Headteacher

I imagine that you have begun to wonder who will be leading the school next year. On behalf of the Governors, I am delighted to announce that Mr Stephen Jess, currently Acting Headteacher, has now been appointed to be the Headteacher on a permanent basis. This school year has been far from usual for any headteacher but especially demanding for somebody new to the role and we are very pleased that Mr Jess is excited about carrying on. Although there will still be a lot of catching up to do, we are hopeful of the eventual return to some kind of normality. At his interview, Mr Jess shared his vision of what the school will be like over the next five years or so. He is looking to maintain the ethos of “achieving through care, challenge and creativity” and to work with the whole school community in developing many aspects of the school with a clear focus on an engaging curriculum for all children and enhancing the learning environment. The Governors will support Mr Jess in that and are looking forward to a new chapter in the life of Summercroft Primary School.