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Attendance and Absence Procedures


Children attend school for 190 days per year. During term time, five staff training days (CPD days) are taken along with one day per year designated as an occasional day’s holiday and determined by the school. These dates are circulated to parents in January for the following school year. We strongly discourage parents from taking children out of school for family holidays. Vital teaching time and specific learning support programmes will be interrupted. The Headteacher is not permitted to authorise an absence except in exceptional circumstances (this does not include a family holiday).  If you intend to take your child on a family holiday during term time, please complete a leave of absence form and return it at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the absence. Absence Forms are available from the school office, via the link below or via the online form. Even if it is unauthorised it is important that we know that a child will be absent from school.  We do not set homework for children to complete whilst on term time holidays.


Absence due to Medical Reasons

Should your child require a medical procedure that requires them to be absent from school for a number of days, please complete the absence form and attach a copy of the hospital/doctors letter to this.  Dental and opticians appointments should not be taken during the school day if possible.


Sickness or Unexpected Absence

In the case of sickness or unexpected absence, please email admin or telephone the school by 9.00am on each day of absence, so that we know your child has not gone missing on the way to school.  You can leave a message on the school’s absence line (01279 307477, option 1).  Unexplained absences will be followed up.  If a child is unable to attend school we ask that on their return, a letter is written by the parents to explain the reason for absence.

If medications are prescribed that will need to be taken during school time, please complete a Temporary Medications form and bring this to the school office with the medication.

Coronavirus Update

Please first state your child's full name and class, then whether the absence is Covid-19 or Non-Covid-19 related

If Covid-19 related:

  • State which symptom(s) your child has e.g. high temperature (at or above 37.8 degrees), new continuous cough or loss of taste or smell
  • Confirm when they will be tested
  • Please inform the school office when you get a positive or negative result so we can take appropriate action

If Non-Covid-19 related:
State the reason for absence


Late Arrival at School

If you know that your child will be late in to school, please telephone the office to inform the school and if necessary, order a school lunch. Any child arriving after registers close (8:50am KS1 or 8:55am KS2, should come directly to the school office and not to the classroom to be registered.


Absence Figures for Summercroft

Total number of registered day pupils of compulsory school age on roll at our school: 446

The % of authorised absence at our school for the school year 2018/19 was 3.5%
The % of unauthorised absence at our school for the school year 2018/19 was 0.8%