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Year 5 - Hazel & Sycamore

Welcome to Year 5!

22 October 2021


Victorious Volcanoes


Year 5 have had a fantastic start to the year with our Natural Disasters topic. We have explored a wealth of natural disasters, how these are caused, their environmental and human impacts and what can be done to prevent them. 

We have made links between this and our learning about changes and properties of materials in science, including the making of life rafts from waterproof, buoyant and strong materials. During our science lessons we have also had lots of opportunity to work in groups, being collaborative team players.

Our English lessons have been strongly linked to our topic this half term, initially writing newspaper reports about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, then moving on to writing narratives based on the earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004. The children have developed their writing stamina and worked hard to include high level description in their work, which we are really proud of.

To end our topic with a blast, the children exploded their volcanoes that they'd made from papier mache. To show the detail inside a volcano, the children created their models as a cross section, detailing the inner workings in their topic books. It was wonderful to see the children's reactions to their explosions, a real moment of awe and wonder.


We wish you all a wonderful and restful half term. After working so hard, you truly deserve it!

1st October 2021


Thriving in Five! 


Wow! What a busy few weeks we’ve had to begin our Year 5 journey! From writing newspaper reports on the devastating events of Hurricane Katrina, to investigating the relationships between various of solutes and solvents, to analysing the poem, ‘Refugee’ by Brian Bilston, and discussing the topic of refugees and human displacement; the children have really hit the ground running with their learning.  


Artistic Chaos

In line with our Natural Disasters topic and our recent focus on volcanoes, the children used different techniques of paint strokes to design their own volcanic scene. Highlighting the randomness of nature, children created their own volcanic eruption based on the works of English artist, Nick Rowland.  


A Wave of Brilliance

In English, Year 5 are currently writing narratives based on scenes from the film, The Impossible – a film based on real-life events which took place on Boxing Day, 2004, during the Indian Ocean Tsunami which wreaked havoc upon the popular tourist island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Children have learned about the events which took place on that fateful day and have created comic strips to better explain the progression and impact of tsunamis. Over the next two weeks, Hazel and Sycamore Class will continue to write our first-person narratives, diving ever deeper into our topic of Natural Disasters.  

Mr Wilson and Mrs Londors are so proud of each and every member of Year 5. With the resilience, determination and love for learning that the children have shown so far, we are sure that there will be lots of excitement moving forward.  Keep up the hard work everyone! 

17 September

Starting the Year with a Bang!


Year 5 have had a fantastic start to the year; we are so proud of them all. Throwing themselves thoroughly into our Natural Disasters topic, the children have proven themselves to be investigators, enquirers, historians and geographers. All of the children have been wowed by the facts and details of volcanic eruptions around the world; we look forward to reading the newspaper reports that they are planning to write based on the recent natural disaster in Louisiana. 


Separating Materials


This term's science is all about materials and their properties. We all enjoyed some outdoor learning as a year group in the willow dome last week, mixing materials and then exploring ways to separate them again. We discovered that different processes are required to separate certain materials: evaporating, sieving and filtering. We look forward to combining our science with our topic this term, as we plan to create our own volcanoes and erupt them with the help of chemistry!


Suspicious Activity in the Library


We have been working hard in our English lessons to learn all about the features of newspaper reports, particularly the use of direct and reported speech. After assembly on Tuesday, one of the Year 5 children discovered a mysterious crime scene in the school library and we were all excited to find out what had happened! Where did the jam on the knife come from? Who did the tie belong to? Have the police been to school? And where is Mr Carter? We spent a long time disseminating the evidence and piecing it back together to solve the crime. Well done, Year 5, you make a fantastic detective team!