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Happy School Bag Collection - Monday 1st November

PTA Spooky Halloween Sweet Sale - Friday 22nd October - From 15:00

PTA AGM - Tuesday 9th March at 10:30am via Teams


We would like to invite parents to the Summercroft Primary School PTA Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 9th March at 10.30am via Teams.  If you would like to attend, please email pta@summercroft.herts.sch and you will be sent a link.


The purpose of this meeting is to: 


·  Review the previous year 

·  Present the current financial position for the 2020/21 year to date 

·  Outline intentions for 2021 which may include putting any fund raising on hold until after September.

·  If possible, Elect a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary 

·  Appoint Committee members 

·  AOB (any other business – points to be discussed can be raised by attendees of the meeting or via written correspondence beforehand – to be received by Monday 8th March) 


We will say goodbye to some members of the PTA.  Kathryn Ali (Chair), and Lauren Creed be stepping down.  

The team currently consists of Victoria Collar-Brown as Secretary, Sarita Kainth as Treasurer, Kate Shah, Sarah Thomas and Stephanie Ricciardi, Michelle Cundall, Philippa Murphy, Penny Scorah and Julie Corne.


Important News

This leaves the role of Chair open. It is a legal requirement to have the positions of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer filled in order to continue as a Registered Charity; without which our PTA would cease to exist. 

The Chair currently operates as a leadership and administration role and can be a significant time commitment depending on the amount of events you choose to run.  It is also highly rewarding and can be a great opportunity to develop new skills or further widen on existing skills for your CV.


Role Expectations


Prior to Covid-19 we typically met once a month in the evening (8-10pm), we tend to get together more frequently in the lead up to an event but no-one is expected to attend every meeting. As a committee member you can take on as much or as little as you are able to. As Chair you will need to be able to commit to an average of a few hours each week, perhaps more depending on how many events you wish to run. Pre-Covid event such as the summer fayre or easter hunt required more time spent on them on the run up.  However given the current restrictions we don’t envisage large scale event will be likely until next year. 


It really is a wonderful thing to be involved in, we have a lot of fun and become great friends whilst helping the school community to raise much needed funds for all the children at the school. 


Without an active PTA there are no events such as the Summer and Christmas Fairs, Disco, Sponsored Bounce, Easter Hunt, Happy Bags collection and personalised Christmas Cards and gifts, Book Advent, Treats and Treasures and Raffles. It is really up to the members of the PTA how many events they feel able to deliver.



Grants to the school this year have been used to upgrade IT equipment, buying 100 Chromebooks with licensing and charging units, the Coram Life Education, an online Pantomime, library books, Maths subscriptions, and some unexpected expenses for Year 6 which arose because of Covid. All very worthy and needed contributions. 


Going forward 


Victoria, one of the existing members would consider taking on a role of Chair if someone is willing to join her as Co-Chair. Thus sharing the responsibilities making the role more manageable for both parties.  If anyone is interested in this position, Kathryn and Victoria are both available for a conversation about how sharing the role has worked well in the past year. 


If we don't have someone who can help fill this role, sadly we may have to all take a break from fund raising and review how we feel post September. 


If you would like more information please contact us via email, on the Facebook page Summercroft PTA.


We look forward to seeing you at the AGM. 


Your PTA

PTA AGM Minutes March 2021


Here are the minutes from the AGM held on 9th March.

Contact Us
The PTA has a Facebook page Summercroft.pta.

Please like, follow and share our posts as we would like to reach more of the Summercroft Community with our news and information.


We can also be reached by emailing and welcome any ideas, feedback and anyone who would like to get more involved with the PTA.


Current members left to right:

Lauren Creed, Tanne Shorter, Kathryn Ali (Chair of PTA), Victoria Collar-Brown (Company Secretary), Michelle Cundall, Philippa Murphy, Sarah Thomas, Kate Shah, Stephanie Ricciardi. Absent from photo,  Julie Corne and Penny Scorah (Treasurer)



Matched Funding


Matched funding is a scheme whereby Employers match funds that their employees raise for registered charities.  Sometimes this is capped but it can be a really fantastic, easy way for the PTA to raise extra funds.  Please check if your employer participates in this scheme.

If you are an employer, you are able to claim tax relief on such donations.

Our registered charity number is 1115461.

Please contact the PTA on if you can support us in this way.
Thank you!


Do you shop with

Please convert to


Amazon Smile is a fundraising initiative where a percentage of the value of each qualifying purchase is donated to a selected charity.  If Summercroft Primary School PTA is chosen, for every qualifying purchase 0.5% of the net purchase price will be donated to our charity, at no extra charge to you! So if an item is purchased for £10.00 excluding VAT then Amazon will donate 5p to the PTA, £50.00 and Amazon would donate 25p.

There is no difference in price to the customer whether you use the normal Amazon website or the Amazon Smile website and you use your normal Amazon account details. 

Simply go to and sign in with your amazon account details then start shopping! Thank you!


Upcoming Events

Regrettably, we have had to cancel our upcoming events due to Coronavirus.


Summary of the Financial Year 2019 to 2020

The PTA plays a vital role in raising funds for the school whilst building community.  We seek to create magical memories for the children and fun events for both the children and their families.  We give careful consideration to event ticket prices, games, stalls and refreshments so that we can be inclusive for all families no matter the budget.

We are delighted to announce that in the last financial year, £23,630.80 was raised!

This is absolutely incredible.  We ran several events throughout the year and were also very generously gifted several thousands of pounds through Matched Funding. 

Thank you also to The Entertainer toy shop who chose to donate £1000 to us!


The fund raising activities and events were as follows;

Easter Hunt

Sponsored Bounce

Woodland Fun Run with Birchwood High School

Summer Fair 

Wine Tasting

Halloween Disco

Christmas Cards and Gifts

Christmas Movie and Munch and Mini Fair

Monthly Treats and Treasures

2nd Hand Uniform Sales

Clothes Donations through Happy Bags

Raffle prizes - Special thanks to all the local companies who gifted prizes and services


This enabled the PTA to provide the following grants to the school;

Bike Shed Repairs

Carnival Musical Instruments and event with Bangdrum

Coram Life Bus

Reading Books

School Pantomine

Annual subscription to Times Tables Rockstars

We have also committed to £300 for each classroom for supplies to enhance the experience of all the students

We also invested in a PTA storage unit as the roof was leaking in the old one

The school is currently working on a plan for a significant investment which we will be excited to share news of once they are ready to progress this.


Thank you to all the Summercroft families for all your contributions, whether that be attending events or volunteering at events.  We really couldn't have achieved all that we have without your continued support and enthusiasm.