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Year 2 - Holly & Oak

Welcome to Year 2!

22 October 2021


All About the UK


As the half term draws to an end we have been pulling together all our learning about the UK, the different traditions and cultures  and all the tasty food we have sampled from each of the four countries! Inspired by the Welsh flag, the children designed their own dragon and painted them with water-colours whilst enjoying a yummy Welsh cake.  Next, we looked at Scotland, ate some buttery shortbread, and learnt about traditional kilts. The children then wove their very own tartan designs to make their own Scottish kilt. 

Linking our geography and PE learning, the children also had great fun learning to dance the Highland Fling and doing some English country dancing.

We have been reading a modern version of the Rapunzel story in English,  which sees a twist to the traditional tale's ending. The children have been making wanted posters to catch witches and writing in the first person, imagining they were Rapunzel and what it would feel like to spend a day in her shoes, locked in a tower. 

In maths we have focused on money and recognising and adding coins. It would be great if you could keep this learning going by involving the children in using coins when shopping or counting any money they have in their piggy banks at home.

The children have had a amazing first term in Year 2; we wish you all a great half term break.


1st October 2021


The UK Tour Continues in Year 2


We have been enjoying learning about the UK, with England being our focus for the past week. We have written recounts about London and looked at the famous landmarks we might see in London. We decided to make line drawings of them, creating a London skyline piece of art.

Our artwork has continued, with a study of the sculptor Anthony Gormley. First we drew the human body, focusing on its shapes and then we created a clay sculpture in the style of his work, ‘Field for the British Isles’.


The human body has also been our focus in science and we enjoyed labelling our body parts. We have been thinking about the human life cycle and discussing how our bodies change as we grow.


In PE, we have had good fun learning how to country dance. Dancing with a partner has been tricky, but with a lot of practise, we are almost ready for Strictly! So watch this space!

Last week, we decided to try an English breakfast (or anytime treat!)…crumpets. Most children tasted a sample and decided that they would like two breakfasts every day! We will be enjoying a sample of food from each of the four countries over the coming weeks. Hopefully, everyone will find something that they enjoy eating!

17 September 2021

A Great Start to Year 2! 


It has been wonderful to see how well the children have settled into life in Year 2. To welcome the children we read the gorgeous story book, We Are Together, and inspired by this they all painted self-portraits to create a lovely display of their new classes. 


In English, we started the year by sharing the story of Sharing a Shell and the children sequenced the story and joined in with a story ‘whoosh’ to help them to retell the story using conjunctions to extend their sentences. They then painted their very own shells and thought about what they might take with them if they too had to carry their homes on their backs. 


In maths we have been recapping our number bonds to and within 10 and will begin working on place value to be secure in recognising how many tens and ones are within a number. The children had great fun singing along to Farmer Pete who lost his sheep to help them remember their number bonds. If you would like to continue this at home this is the link for the song: 


Our unit for science is ‘Humans and Other Animals’ and we started off thinking about hygiene and the importance of keeping our body healthy by keeping clean and avoiding germs.  The children carried out an investigation using glitter on their hands to represent germs and trialled the best way to wash our hands clean – something we have become pretty good at over the last couple of years! 


Our topic at the moment is ‘The UK’ and to kick it off the children all enjoyed their ‘train ride to London’. We will be learning about the famous landmarks around the UK, the cultures of the four countries and our physical geography.