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Design and Technology


The intent behind our Design and Technology curriculum is to develop potential engineers and designers of the future. The intention is for the children to be stimulated, inspired and capable of contributing to the changing world around them. Developing curiosity is key to our Design and Technology lessons.

The children will understand and follow the cyclical approach to designing, developing their resilience skills through the process of exploring, creating and evaluating their creations. The children will understand that the failure of a project will enable them to think of alternative solutions and so develop their problem-solving skills and creativity.

We intend for the Design and Technology learning in the school to be progressive and meet the National Curriculum objectives.


Summercroft uses Projects on a Page throughout the school for their Design and Technology provision. The projects are spread across the year groups to ensure coverage and development of skills. Design and Technology projects are chosen carefully so that the aim is for the outcome to have a specific purpose.  

Design and Technology is part of the STEM team at Summercroft. We work closely to ensure that our STEM weeks are engaging and develop a D&T mindset of exploration and creativity.

Celebration of innovators, designers and engineers (including diverse role models) throughout the projects undertaken by the students.

Key Stage 1 Objectives and Coverage

Lower Key Stage 2 Objectives and Coverage

Upper Key Stage 2 Objectives and Coverage