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At Summercroft, our aim is to create life-long learners who are confident, inquisitive and appreciative of the diverse world in which we live.  A growth mindset ethos is embedded in our culture through our learning powers, enabling our children to develop resilience and a reflective approach to their learning. 

Our curriculum is bespoke and aspirational, designed to challenge children’s thinking and provide opportunities for them to make connections and build on their prior learning. Children will revisit skills and knowledge in multiple topics, exploring them at a deeper level as they move through the school. They are encouraged to ask questions and challenge information, with lessons moving fluidly to respond to children’s interests or level of understanding.  We ensure that all children are challenged appropriately based on their individual starting points and needs. 

Creativity is at the heart of our curriculum, with frequent opportunities for children to be investigative and hands-on. Topics are immersive and incorporate a variety of subjects which are linked to a main theme, making the learning engaging and purposeful for the children. Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics which explore the past and present, both on a local and global scale, and we forge links with our community wherever possible. 

Our aim is to prepare our children for an ever-changing world by teaching them real-life and practical skills that will enable them to be successful as they move through their academic careers and into the working world. We begin topics with a hook to immerse the children into their learning and plan activities that lead to a purposeful final outcome.  Learning is enhanced by enrichment opportunities and our 50 Things are woven throughout.

Our curriculum vision is shared and championed by all stakeholders.