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Year 6 - Birch & Lime

Welcome to Year 6!

22 October 2021


Year 6’s Island Escape


Year 6's chances of making it off the island have finally improved, as they received a daylong session from some real survival skills experts. Scott and Duncan from Let's Get Out taught the children a range of bush craft skills including orienteering, fire lighting and shelter building. The children engaged wholeheartedly with their learning and have showcased everything they have learnt over this topic in fantastic 3D posters, which have been shared on Seesaw. 

For children wishing to learn more bush craft skills, Let's Get Out run 'Hornets', an outdoor club for 10-16 year olds, from Hatfield Forest on the second Saturday of the month. Check it out here:


During Arts Week this week, we have focussed on the menacing side of nature, and created artwork and poetry based around 'A Murder of Crows' by Dilys Rose. We've used rubbings from our trip to the forest to collage trees and used foam print-making techniques to create a murder of crows on the branches. 


We are proud the great start that the children have made to Year 6 and are grateful for your continued support. We hope you have a restful half term!

1st October 2021




In an attempt to keep ourselves fed on our desert island, we have been experimenting with food preservation methods, with some fascinating and unsavoury results. Working scientifically, each group planned a preservation experiment, using what we understood about what bacteria needs to survive, to try and preserve food for as long as possible, using resources found on the island.  

After a week, we performed our final observations, and found some food had fared better than others. We will be scrubbing the smell of rotten fish from our clothes for weeks!


Elsewhere, we have been finishing our third-person recounts for our survival stories, and have turned our attention to creating pictures to accompany our writing, using watercolour paints to recreate the image of the slot-canyon where Aron Ralston lost his arm.


We have also been starting to learn songs for the Young Voices choir, and everyone around school has been cheered up by the sound of their enthusiastic singing drifting through the corridors! We are already looking forward to this fantastic opportunity, and can’t wait to hear the children apply their enthusiasm to more of the songs as we learn them.

17 September 2021

Desert Island


Year 6 have had a rocky start to the year, as they have been washed up on a desert island! In their groups, they have been endeavouring to survive by filtering water, learning essential First Aid, and planning experiments to investigate how they will keep the food fresh and edible on the island. We’ve also been learning about other survivors, and have been recounting their stories in our writing.  


We are proud of how the children have started this year, and have risen to the responsibility of being the eldest in the school fantastically. With House Captain applications and football trials, we are so pleased to see the children so willing to contribute to the wider life of the school. We are looking forward to the year continuing in this fashion!