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Early Years - Reception

Welcome to Early Years!

12 November 2021

Time to Celebrate!


In Reception and Nursery, we have been learning about Diwali, 'The Festival of Light'.  We read the story, Binny's Diwali which told us about how Diwali is celebrated across the world.  To support our learning, we made Diva lamps and decorated them using glitter and sparkly gems.  We learnt about Mehndi patterns which people have on their hands and how special clothes are worn for the celebration.  In Nursery, we created our own Mendhi patterns using paint on hand shapes and in Reception we used salt dough and different clay tools to create the patterns.

The children we really excited to find out more about the festival and loved watching the firework displays that families have during Diwali.  

We created our own firework paintings using brightly coloured paint and more glitter!


In Early Years, we have also been learning about the season of autumn.  We went on our autumn walk to Birchanger Woods and looked for signs of autumn.  We found lots red, yellow, orange and brown leaves and different coloured mushrooms growing, including some golden mushrooms!   

To finish our walk, we found a comfy spot to sit down and read the story The Gruffalo'by Julia Donaldson.  Luckily we didn't come across the Gruffalo on our walk back to school!

22 October 2021


Evil Pea takes Supertato! 


In Reception, we have been reading the story Supertato, by Sue Hendra.  The children were surprised to arrive to a crime scene taped off in the classroom.  All of Supertato’s vegetable friends had been trapped and Supertato was missing!  We discovered a letter which had been written by Evil Pea.  He told us that he had trapped the vegetables and taken Supertato.  He said we had best be quick before he mashed Supertato!  We talked about who could help us to find Supertato.  After lots of discussion, we decided that the police could help us, as they are good at finding clues and fingerprints.  We telephoned the police and explained the situation.  In no time at all, we heard the sirens of a police car and onto our playground drove Inspector Polkinghorne in his dog unit van!  We were very excited to tell Inspector Polkinghorne about what had happened.  He told us how the police could help to catch Evil Pea, as they have police helicopters and dogs who are very skilled at sniffing out peas!  Inspector Polkinghorne alerted his team on the police radio and the hunt for Evil Pea was on.  Meanwhile, Inspector Polkinghorne talked to us about how the police help people, especially children.  We were also very lucky to have the opportunity to sit in the police van and press the siren buttons.  We all waved Inspector Polkinghorne off when he went to join his team in the search for Supertato.  The children were so happy when Inspector Polkinghorne returned to tell us that Evil Pea had been caught and Supertato was safe!  This week, we have continued to find out about other real-life superheroes, including firemen, doctors and vets.  We made fire-engines using boxes and other materials.  We joined the materials together using glue and masking tape.  We also chose our favourite real-life superhero and drew them wearing their uniform.  The children then told each other about how their chosen real-life superhero helps people.  


1st October 2021


It’s Good To Be Me!


This week in Reception, we have embarked on our new topic, ‘It’s good to be me!’

We read the story What I Like About Me! and talked about how we are all different and therefore unique. 

We created self-portraits of ourselves by looking in a mirror to ensure we selected the correct colours. We then thought about our bodies and labelled the different parts.  We looked at a skeleton and talked about what is inside our bodies—bones, heart, lungs—and talked about their functions. The children then created their own skeleton collages. 


We are looking forward to exploring more about ourselves, including our families and where we live.