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Achieving through care, challenge and creativity

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The Summercroft Ethos

‘achieving through care, challenge and creativity’


Vision Statement

Develop confident, compassionate and resilient children who have the skills and knowledge to thrive in a rapidly changing world: able to embrace change, love learning and seize new opportunities to enhance their understanding of self, community and social responsibility.


Our key values: Honesty, Consideration, Care and Respect

As a larger school it is especially important to us that we create a family feel with a strong sense of belonging and pride in our community. We believe that children learn best when they feel safe, valued and are presented with engaging learning opportunities based on practical experiences. Teaching and learning is rooted in collaborative and challenging activities where, as part of our Creative Curriculum, pupils are encouraged to take control over the direction their learning may lead. Learning powers underpin everything we do at Summercroft including our growth mindset approach. Mutual support and respect promotes continual improvement in all areas of the curriculum which is designed to captivate the children’s interests and inspire curiosity for the world around them.  It is based on high quality children’s literature, art and enterprise education. We aim to equip children with a broad range of skills, strategies and knowledge for the next stage in their education career.

In order to be a truly successful school, we believe that everyone involved in educating our children should share the same ethos and values and be actively involved in promoting these. If we are to work in genuine partnership with our parents for the benefit of our children, we must establish mutually supportive roles.

We have a strong commitment to a positive behaviour policy at our school. We aim to actively promote the behaviour we want children to exhibit and deal positively with behaviour we deem unacceptable. Our Behaviour for Learning policy is supported by our school rules. These have been developed in collaboration with all staff and children and are visually displayed in all classrooms. Our school explicitly encourages both the understanding of and respect for these rules.