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History of Summercroft

Summercroft School was opened on 8th September 1960. The school log book reads: “This morning a new Hertfordshire County Primary School came into being under the headship of Miss Nina Roberton. 17 children were admitted aged between 5 years and 6 years 5 months.
The school was originally called Parsonage Farm JMI School. Temporary buildings were shared with All Saints who were waiting for their new school to be built.

The Summercroft Logo was designed by the first Headteacher. Yellow and green have become the school colours.


We understand that the name Summercroft was taken from a local farm. The name wasn’t actually decided on until January 1961. On 6th June 1961 the school took possession of its lovely new building. By 1962 over 200 children were attending the school.
The log book also contains a copy of the invitation to the official opening of the school on Wednesday 4th July 1962.


In April 1965 a new school was built on site to house the Infants and Summercroft Junior School was founded with Mr Allen Beveridge as Headmaster. Mr Beveridge retired in 1988 and was succeeded in January 1989 by Mr Stuart Boorman as the second Headteacher of Summercroft Junior School. Following Stuart Boorman’s retirement in April 2001, Michael Smith took over the headship.


From the opening of the Junior School in 1965, Miss Roberton remained the Headteacher of the Infants School until 1976. Since then there have been a number of Headteachers at the Infants School: Sheila Porter, Marjorie Buckingham, Patricia Lilley, Maryan Griffiths, Jenny Lacey and Carol Evans.


After a short time with an Acting Headteacher, the Infant and Junior Schools became Summercroft Primary School when they amalgamated in January 2006 with Michael Smith as the first Headteacher of the newly amalgamated school.


In September 2011, Summercroft Primary became an Academy School.
Michael Smith left Summercroft Primary in April 2014 to start his own music school and Carole Hinstridge became the new Headteacher.


Mr Stephen Jess was appointed as Headteacher in February 2021.