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Summercroft’s Principles of Science Teaching and Learning


How do we know what good science teaching and learning looks like in our school?

At Summercroft, science is good when…

  • Children discover and are engaged, finding out for themselves about the world around them
  • They ask questions to help them understand ‘why’, not just knowing facts
  • They can confidently use scientific vocabulary to explain their understanding
  • It is practical and hands on and utilises the outside space and community links around them
  • We can see progression in learning across the school and science is embedded across the curriculum
  • Children understand how science is relevant to them and the impact of science in the world around them


Summercroft's Vision for Science...

At Summercroft we aim to encourage children’s natural curiosity to wonder about our planet and others. To empower them with knowledge and demonstrate the relevance and power of science in the world around them. To develop inquiring minds through discovery with fun, practical activities embedded across the curriculum.