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At Summercroft Primary School, we believe that maths plays a fundamental role in our everyday lives and strive for our children to share our appreciation and passion for the subject. We aim for all children to experience an inspiring, number-rich and challenging maths environment through a maths curriculum that meets the needs of all learners. We want all children to develop a positive ‘can do’ approach to maths and support them to become confident and able mathematicians.


Our intention is for every child to leave Summercroft as able and independent mathematicians with the confidence and skills required to calculate fluently, reason confidently and apply learnt skills effectively to solve a range of problems. They will be thoroughly prepared in all aspects of mathematics and fully equipped for the next step in their educational journey.


Our maths curriculum at Summercroft Primary School is delivered across the school with the guidance of the White Rose Maths scheme. The scheme supports teachers to deliver well-structured and engaging mathematical lessons that enable our children to learn, revisit and progressively develop their skills in maths at an age-appropriate level.


The EYFS team develop our children’s early number sense through daily activities that are practical, engaging and contextualised and accessed alongside adults and independently. This approach encourages an early love of maths and provides our children with the foundational skills needed to solve mathematical problems.


In key stages one and two, maths lessons are planned to follow the small-step mastery approach to acquiring maths skills, with number at the heart of our approach. Teachers plan and deliver lessons which provide sufficient time to develop children’s fluency of number, before applying this knowledge to effectively reason mathematically and solve sophisticated problems. In addition to these sessions, all classes deliver daily maths fluency sessions that provide varied and frequent practice of calculation and previously taught concepts. This ‘little and often’ approach consolidates learning and supports children in recalling and applying knowledge rapidly.


During all maths sessions, teachers promote and model the effective use of mathematical language, regularly encouraging the children to work collaboratively and to justify, reflect upon and reason their mathematical thinking.