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Year 3 - Apple & Maple

Welcome to Year 3!

1st October 2021


Wonka-licious Treats 


Last week, Year 3 started their chocolate creation journey with a chocolate tasting session in the hall. First the children collected a cake case filled with melted chocolate from the chocolate zone and then they selected ingredients from three of the following; the flavour zone, crunchy zone, chewy zone, creamy zone and fruity zone. We were all very excited to discover what our flavour combinations tasted like. Some of us were lucky enough to try them before leaving school but others decided to allow theirs to set before tasting them. Since then we have evaluated our initial creation and discussed how they can be altered to improve the taste, if desired. We are now beginning to think about the names of our chocolate bars and packaging design. There have been some fantastic suggestions so far including a ‘Fozzwonka’, ‘Wonkafizz delight’ and a ‘Whizzcracker’. We are looking forward to finalising our ideas, making our bars and packaging. 

In English, we had a visit from Augustus Gloop who described his ordeal after falling into the chocolate river at Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory. We then stepped into Augustus’ shoes to write a diary entry in role about his eventful day, making sure that we described his thoughts and feelings.  

In science, we have been learning about the three different types of skeleton - endoskeleton, exoskeleton and hydrostatic – and which animals have which type of skeleton. This week, we had the challenge of working together in groups to construct a human skeleton. We identified the different bones, including some of their scientific names, and built our new classmates!

17 September 2021

A World of Chocolate


Year 3 have been busy exploring ‘A World of Chocolate’. Last week we received a letter from a distraught Mr Willy Wonka, asking for help. Who would have guessed that the world famous chocolate factory is in decline and Mr Wonka is nearly bankrupt! Dishonest thieves have attempted to steal his most top secret recipes! Willy Wonka asked the children to come up with some original ideas for new sweet creations to boost his flagging sales. Let’s hope that they are able to design and make some scrumdiddlyumptious creations in time to save his factory!

Of course, before making any chocolate creations, we needed to find out where chocolate comes from. We watched a video showing the process to the point at which cocoa mass is transported around the world. The children learnt that chocolate actually grows on trees…well the cacao seed, which is the main ingredient does. They discovered an interesting fact about where the seed grows on the tree—ask your child to find out more. Year 3 also learnt that cacao trees only grow in tropical climates and we labelled world maps to show where these countries are.


We wanted to learn more about Willy Wonka himself. We described his appearance and created miniature versions of him for display.


All the talk about chocolate left Year 3 craving sweet treats!  So in science we felt we had to address healthy eating and ensure the children understood the need for a balanced diet. We looked at the five food groups and the seven nutrients needed for humans to be strong, healthy and grow.