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Year 1 - Cherry & Chestnut

Welcome to Year 1!

22 October 2021


Happily Ever After... 


Wow, what a half term! It's been a busy few weeks. 

During art, the children created their own clay pinch pot. They got to decide whether they were going to create Cinderella's jewellery pot or Prince Charming's cufflinks pot. We were so impressed with how well the children shaped and styled their creation. The children then used clay tools to create a design to further improve their work. Once dry, the children painted their pot with either silver or gold paint - they look amazing! Hopefully, they are all safe and sound at home!

In PE we have been thinking about how to convey emotion through our body and facial expressions. We then used this to portray fairy tale characters - we had the angry giant, the sad Cinderella, and the happy Little Red Riding Hood. The children performed their sequence of movements to the rest of the class. 

For our topic finale, the children recreated The Ugly Duckling. We want to say a huge well done to Olivia and Mae for their brilliant performance. The children loved re-telling the story! Please do visit the school website to view them. 

To conclude the half term, we have spent this week looking at nature and poetry. We began by performing a poem, ‘The Worm’ by Ralph Bergengren. We looked at the rhyming couplets and used actions to help us remember it. We discussed how to use our voice to further improve the poem by adding expression and speed. Continuing our theme of poetry, the children then wrote their own acrostic poem, using the word ‘tree’. We finished the week with some observational drawing which the children showed great patience. 

We are all incredibly proud of how hard the children have worked. We want to wish you all a happy and safe half term.


1st October 2021




After focussing on The Ugly Duckling last week, we have been climbing into our next book, Jack and the Beanstalk! We began by looking at the beanstalk and using adjectives to describe it. We had words such as twisted, curly, spiralling, and enormous. From this we then took one giant leap and thought about what the giant

was really like! We discovered he was protective, friendly, hardworking and grumpy! 


To aid our understanding of the story, we have been creating a soundscape for different sections of the story. The children have used a variety of percussion instruments, voices and some body parts to add suspense and drama! 


In PSHE, we have been looking at acceptable and unacceptable behaviours in school. The children have been learning about the power of the compliment! Mary has noticed that the children have had impeccable manners when in the dining room. 


We have been working on our fundamental maths skills and checking our accuracy. This week we have been identifying one more and less. We have used counters, numicon and a number line to do this. During RE this week, the children had a visit from Reverend Su Tarran to talk through a Christian baptism and to understand why Christians go to church. We would like to thank Su for her time and enthusiasm. 

17 September 2021

Once Upon a Time.. 


We have been so impressed with how well the children have settled into Year 1 and the daily routines. It has been lovely seeing the children confident and happy coming into school. 


This half term we are looking at fairy tales. Our first traditional tale is The Ugly Duckling. We began by looking at the setting of the story. From this the children drew a picture of a farm and labelled what they could see; for example: pond, tractor and barn. We then thought of adjectives to describe how The Ugly Duckling looked and felt whilst the other ducklings were being mean. The children showed great empathy towards The Ugly Duckling and in PSHE the children wrote to the other ducklings expressing their feelings as if they were The Ugly Duckling.  We continued to read the story and the children were amazed to find that The Ugly Duckling transformed into a beautiful swan! 


We then transferred our knowledge of The Ugly Duckling to our science learning. We began by exploring the characteristics of a bird - webbed feet, beak, wings, feathers and lays eggs. As a class we then compared a variety of birds and even heard their calls! Using our learning power, collaboration, we created a collage of The Ugly Duckling using real feathers - they look amazing! This week we focussed on the word 'habitat' and its meaning. From this, we decided to investigate our own pond. This made us wonder what other habitats we have at school. We explored Summercroft's field and then created cosy habitats for some woodland animals that might visit. 


In maths, we have been improving our fluency. At the beginning of each maths lesson the children have been working on their subitising skills - looking at a pattern of objects to determine how many there are without counting.