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Year 1 - Cherry & Chestnut

Welcome to Year 1!

21 July 2021

One Giant Leap Into the Shoes of Tim Peake!


Year 1 were on a mission to find rhyming words about a journey into space. We found it tricky, but we listened carefully to the sounds in the words. Using pairs of rhyming words, we became poets and wrote our own space poems. This week we then wanted to understand more about Tim Peake. We began by using our Chromebooks to research information about him and what he did on the International Space Station. From this we created a mind-map of the facts we could remember.  Using all the information that we had gained; we wrote fact files on Tim Peake. 


We have been developing our measuring skills in maths. We have been measuring weight, height and length. We started off with non-standard units using cubes to measure. From this we transferred to standard units by using rulers to measure length and height accurately. We have also weighed items in the classroom. It was much easier for us than Tim Peake! 


We had an amazing sports day last week! The children were so well behaved and encouraging of their peers. They began by completing 4 activities. We had hockey dribbling, balancing on a bench, throwing bean bags and hurdles. After this the children completed their chosen races. We were so impressed with their sportsmanship and enthusiasm - it was a brilliant morning! 


We just wanted to say thank you for all your support this year. We know it hasn't been an easy year for the children, but we are so proud of them all. They have all worked incredibly hard and deserve a good summer holiday. We hope you all have a happy and healthy break, and we want to wish the children the best of the luck for Year 2. Please do come back and visit! 


2 July 2021


Let's Zoom to the Moon! 


Year 1 have launched into their exploration of the world of Tim Peake. We have started studying Goodnight Spaceman by Michelle Robinson and wondered what the boys may wish to find in space. Putting ourselves in astronaut shoes, we imagined how it would feel to launch into space. Using our five senses we wrote all about what we found in space. We have been using adjectives and conjunctions to make our writing interesting for the reader. 

In DT, we planned and then made our own moon buggies. Who knew that such an enormous pile of junk could be turned into sixty moon buggies? The children thought it was out of this world! 

In science, we've been growing cress. We began by placing cotton wool into cup and then sprinkling seeds on top. The following week we observed the growth and recorded their findings. We had the language of ‘cracked seeds’, ‘white shoots’ and ‘green leaves’. We were so excited to compare their cress with our friends. 

In maths, we've been telling the time. We've never seen 60 children so engaged to make the time on the clocks. Please do encourage your child to read the time to the hour at home!

18 June 2021


Who Is The Real Mr Big? 


In English we have been looking at the story Mr Big by Ed Vere. The children were hooked by this lonely and sad gorilla. They showed great empathy towards him and thought about how he feels on the inside. The children wrote some beautiful sentences to describe his feelings and what others thought of him. Once Mr Big played the piano, his true identify was revealed! His neighbours loved the music and wanted to send Mr Big a letter. This inspired the children to write their own letter and we were very impressed! We have learnt to use a variety of conjunctions in our writing such ‘as’, ‘because’, ‘but’ and ‘so’. 


In maths we have been focusing on numbers to 100. We have been finding one more and one less, ordering numbers and identifying tens and ones. We've been recapping addition and subtraction and have been drawing/using dienes to solve the calculations.


We had a very exciting science lesson where we learnt about different parts of a plant. We got dirty and explored the roots of a marigold. The children  loved it! We produced some detailed observational drawings of a plant. Some children then planted them outside - please do look at our potato plants, tomato plants and flowers. 


28 May 2021

Ending the Half Term with a Beat! 


This week has been Diversity Week and kicked off with some beatboxing. We thoroughly enjoyed our session with James. We learnt to use our voices to sound like snare drums, base drums and hi-hats. Poppy, Ria, Mabel, Jimmy, Cuddus, Emily, Victoria, Ismael and Marty loved their turns on the mic making their own beats. We made our own diversity rap and even added dance moves! Year 1 have been learning about Elton John. We began by reading the Little People, Big Dreams book to find out more information. From this the children enjoyed making their own Elton John inspired glasses and designed costumes to show that it is great to be different.

In English, we got muddy and created our own dishes fit for a Gruffalo. We have written clear instructions so that others can make dishes just like our own. Meatballs and spaghetti made with thick mud and fresh leaves are delicious! Just in case we needed to share our scrummy meals evenly, we have been working on halving and quartering in maths. We are getting lots of practice at using rulers in our maths books. 

Just like Beatrix Potter, we have been studying wildflowers and trees carefully. We have been able to classify trees by looking at their leaves. Our sketching skills have improved, and we also learnt to paint using watercolour. We had to be very precise with our paintbrushes when adding colour to Peter Rabbit.

We hope you have a well-earned rest over half term. 


14 May 2021

A Week At Home! 


As a year group we would just like to say how proud we are of all the children. They coped incredibly well with the news and have adapted so well to their home learning. It was lovely to see so many children on Zoom and to see how happy they were. All the work that was uploaded to Seesaw was just amazing so thank you! 

We couldn't ask for a better start to the week than Monday. We were all excited to be back in the class together. We haven't been in school for long, so we'd thought we'd take this week's newsletter to celebrate home learning and show off the children's work. 

The children have continued to work on their scientific knowledge. We had many children who explored their garden for plants and flowers. The children then drew and labelled what they could find. 

For English, we focused our work on our class novel The Creakers. They children wrote some brilliant sentences to describe the main character Lucy as well as the Creakers. Ollie said, “Lucy is brave,” and Rudy explained that she was a hero. We were impressed at how much children challenged themselves to include the conjunction 'because'. Ella drew an amazing Creaker and labelled with words like ‘black’ and ‘slimy’. 

In PSHE, Mrs Greenhill set the children a task to listen to Jack's Amazing Shadow and then to draw a picture of them and their shadow. We had so many videos of children explaining why it's so important to say sorry and apologise if we've done something wrong. 

It has been lovely seeing the children continuing practising their throwing and catching skills. We were particularly impressed with Archie, Gabriel, Asil and Rachel! 

What a brilliant and successful week at home - well done everyone! 


23 April 2021

All Things New! 


What a busy few weeks it has been! 


We really enjoyed our first ever history lesson. We have compared our homes to those built a long time ago. The children told us all about their homes and could explain if they were detached, semi-detached or terraced. We thought about which type of home we would like to live in and why.


Computing lessons were very exciting, as it was the first time that we had seen the Chromebooks. The children practised typing in their own username and password to log on and touched the screen to log off. They were very excited!  


We have also had our first PE lesson on the field. We were rather out of puff after running around the field during our warm-up! We are working on our ball skills by throwing under-arm and over-arm at a target.


In maths, we have used the language of ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ for the first time. We have been comparing numbers within 50. We began by looking at a pictorial representation of numbers using dienes and tens frame to compare. We then progressed onto comparing numbers using ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ symbols. 


During our English lessons we have unleashed our imaginations. We are reading 'Stanley's Stick' and have been perfecting our sentence writing. The children have discovered that a stick can be anything that they want it to be! We had ideas of a magic torch, a time-travelling wand, a spear and many other wonderful creations! 

26 March 2021

Goldilocks and The Three Bears came to Summercroft! 


What a busy couple of weeks! We have been so impressed with how the children have settled back into school and spending time with their friends. 


Following on from home learning, we are still looking at traditional tales. Over the last couple of weeks, we have been looking at Goldilocks. The children started off by listening to the story and then sequencing pictures. We then went into depth to describe Goldilocks using adjectives and conjunctions. Following this, the children created WANTED posters. We had some lovely language of 'Please call 999', 'She is a criminal' and 'Goldilocks vanished into thin air!'. To end last week, we had an interesting debate! The children had a battle of opinions on whether she was naughty or misunderstood! It was brilliant to see how engaged and confident the children were. 

In qrt, the class worked collaboratively to create a collage of the characters from the story. We were very impressed at how they worked together. 


In computing, the children have practising logging on to Purple Mash independently. They have also been creating algorithms when using a Bee-Bot. The children had to program it and give it clear instructions on where they wanted it to go. 

18 December 2020

What a Term!


Our final country we explored this half term was Australia and did we finish with a bang! We started off by looking at where Australia was on the map and looking at how much closer it was to the equator than us. We talked about the capital being Canberra and not Sydney. We discussed in detail the different climates and seasons - we're in winter and they are in their summer. 


We then went on to look at Barnaby's holiday to Australia - he was a very busy bear! He went skiing, surfing, snorkelling and even went to the jungle! From this the children wrote their own newspaper report of Barnaby's adventures. We were so impressed that the children wrote in the past tense and included conjunctions and adjectives into their writing. 


The children had a very exciting performance from Mrs Carter and her didgeridoo. She had practised her circular breathing ready for her big show! We were all very impressed - well done, Mrs Carter! 


We are so impressed with how the children have coped coming back into school after such a long time. We have been amazed with the children's progress and how much they have grown in independence. 


We want to say a huge thank you for all the support over the term and the generous gifts we have received this week. We hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas with your families, and we look forward to welcoming you back on Wednesday 6th January. 


4 December 2020

What a Busy Week!! 


We started the week with an explosion (of glitter)! The children were incredibly excited to show off their clothes, hats and other Christmas items! They enjoyed being with different children throughout the morning. 

The children made a variety of Christmas decorations, such as snowflakes, candy canes, stockings, stars, reindeers, trees and baubles! They were really engaged and wanted to complete all of the activities. The children sung Christmas songs and talked about the elves arriving as well as opening their advent calendars. We all had such a lovely morning! In the afternoon, the children decorated the big Christmas tree in the hall before we practised singing our Christmas song for the KS1 performance. 


From one exciting day to another! 

We are following Barnaby Bear around the world and this week we are focusing on Italy. We began by talking about personal hygiene and how to prepare food before we use it. We made these pizzas as a whole class. The children had to listen very carefully to the instructions on how to make them: first roll out the dough; then spread the sauce. Next sprinkle the cheese and finally add the toppings. We were both very impressed with how well they listened. They were so excited that they had made their own pizza! 

In English we looked at a different set of instructions and learnt that we needed time conjunctions and imperative verbs. From making our pizzas, the children then practised writing their own instructions on how to make them. 


In maths we have been looking at place value. The children have been partitioning numbers from 10 to 20 into tens and ones. For example, 19 is made up of 1 stick of 10 and 9 ones. The children practised using numicon and then dienes to support them. 


13 November 2020

Harvest Festival!


We had an exciting first week back after half term with Arts Week! Our theme this year was Harvest Festival. 

We started off the week by understanding what harvest festival is about. The children were able to explain that we need to be thankful for our grains, fruit and vegetables. As a class we created a mind map of words to describe what harvest festival meant to us. From this, the children wrote their own acrostic poem for the word ‘harvest’. We were very impressed with the children's writing! 


We were given corn as our vegetable to focus on during the week. The children began by painting bubble wrap to use as a stamp for their corn. They then scrunched green tissue paper for the leaves. 


As a school we researched about Guiseppe Arcimboldo. We learnt that he was an Italian artist who was born a long time ago. He used fruits and vegetables to create faces. The children took inspiration from him and created their own faces. It was amazing to see how enthusiastic the children were! 


In music we learnt the song 'Big Red Combine Harvester', with actions, which the children performed in groups outside. This was videoed and was shared across the school. 


To finish our week, we explored signs of autumn outside and collected leaves to create our very own wreaths - which look amazing! 


23 October 2020

Spirit of the Wild! 

Wow – what a way to end the half term!  

Last Friday the children had a visit from Ben and Hannah from Spirit of the Wild. Ben began by talking about the different animal groups – birds, insects, amphibians, fish, reptiles, and mammals.  

We started with the birds. First up was Luna the barn own, we watched her fly from one side of the room to the other – it was amazing! We then were treated to the sight of the extremely rare golden eagle, which was a true highlight for many of the children. Finally, we had Flinty, a parakeet from the Amazon rainforest.  

Next up were the insects. We had a cockroach and a millipede, which the children were able to touch. We learnt that the millipede has its bones on the outside, an exoskeleton. Finally, we had a huge spider called Phoebe – it was very gentle!  

Onto the amphibians: we started off with an African bullfrog which is the second largest frog. The children described the frog as very wet and slimy! The children then saw a toad which we found out had poison in his shoulders to protect himself.  

The reptiles were next! We had two different tortoises: Turbo and Jett! (Perfect names!) Turbo was from the Amazon and Jett was from Greece. We then had a race between the two – we could have been there for hours! Finally, we saw a gecko called Dude which all the children got to stroke; he was very soft!  

Our final group, mammals. We met the only mammal that can fly – a fruit bat. A couple of children got to feed the fruit bat. She did spit out the skin and seeds of the fruit as her stomach cannot digest them – the children liked this part! To end the mammal section, we met a meerkat. We had to listen carefully to hear her calling and all the children were able to stroke her.  

Ben brought out the final animal – a snake! They loved it! She was a very friendly snake and all the children got to stroke her – she felt very hard!  

We were so impressed with the children’s listening and behaviour – we couldn’t fault it! It was amazing to see how excited the children were to tell you all about their day. We would like to say thank you for your donations towards this visit and a special thank you to those parents who donated extra to avoid it being cancelled. We really appreciate it.  

We hope you have a happy and safe half term!  


9 October 2020

What The Rainbow Fish Did Next...


Continuing with our Rainbow Fish topic, the children have been writing a short structured story. We started off by talking about the beginning, middle and end. The children sequenced pictures of the story, then wrote a sentence to describe that picture. They had to make sure that their sentences had capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and adjectives! 


The children have been enjoying their funky finger sessions in the morning, which has improved their fine motor skills. We have been focusing on letter formation and using scissors correctly and accurately, as well as daily movement exercises. 


In DT, the children have created their own CD fish - which they love! They began by choosing their own lips, tails and fins, then attached them to a CD using glue. To finish off, they covered their CD in gems - we have never seen them so excited! All you could hear was 'wow'! 


In art, the children have been creating an under-the-sea collage. They began by covering their paper in blue tissue paper. Next they scrunched yellow tissue paper to create the sand and finally they twisted green tissue paper for the seaweed. To finish off, the children decorated and cut sea creatures to complete their masterpiece! 


In computing, the children have been learning how to handle a mouse and log into Purple Mash. They have been decorating a fish using our classroom computers. We have been really impressed with how well they have used them, and their creativity! 


25 September 2020

Rainbow Fish

This half-term our topic is Rainbow Fish. We began by reading the story, watching an animated clip and creating a story map to retell the story. We looked at what an adjective is and used this vocabulary to describe the Rainbow Fish. We had words such as proud, colourful, beautiful and dazzling.


To continue our Rainbow Fish theme, the children have been using music and movement to portray the characters and story line. They have used their imagination and creativity to think of movements for the Rainbow Fish, seaweed, little blue fish and starfish.


In science we looked at a structure of a fish and the children labelled the different parts. We compared the differences and similarities between fish and humans.


In maths we have been looking at numbers to ten and finding different ways to represent them. The children used numicon, counters, number fans and anything else that they could find!


We are excited by the activities planned for the next few weeks.


11 September 2020

Welcome to Year 1!


What a lovely start we have had to the year! It has been great meeting all of the children and getting to know them. We spent the first two days establishing rules, routines and Year 1 expectations. The children spent time getting to know each other again and exploring the Year 1 toys. They have loved playing in the Wendy house, with the dinosaurs and the mud kitchen!! 


This week we have been listening to each child read to prepare for guided reading to start in a couple of weeks. The children have been writing postcards about what they did over the summer holidays. We were really impressed with the capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. In maths we have been counting, ordering and writing numbers to 10. 


We have been amazed at how well the children have settled back into school and are very familiar with washing their hands!! 


We cannot wait for the year ahead!