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Lunch Menus

At Summercroft, we have a Pupil’s Choice menu.  At registration, the children choose from a main meal, or a jacket potato.  The menu is on a three week rota and changes twice a year. Children may choose to have a school lunch some days and bring in a packed lunch from home on others, but no longer need to keep to a set pattern.  The meals are prepared in the school kitchen by well-qualified staff under the organisation of Hertfordshire Catering who are contracted by the County for their services (  The emphasis is on good, nutritious food.  Children are encouraged to eat the food they ask for as a sign of good manners to the cook.


Meals for KS2 and Nursery children are available at a cost of £2.88 per meal. You can pay for these online through the School Grid and we ask that you keep your school meal balance in credit.  If the debt is not paid off by the end of the half-term, we will no longer be able to offer a school meal.


School Grid

We use the School Grid which allows parents to order and pay for school meals. More information can be found below...

Universal Free School Meals

As part of the Government’s Universal Infant Free School Meal programme, a free hot lunch will be provided for those children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, that wish to have one. Those children not wishing to have a school meal may bring a packed lunch from home.


Allergies and Intollerances

If a child has a special meal requirement, for example a food allergy, we will do our best to accommodate, but it is very important that we get a special menu in place before that child starts to have a school meal.  Applications for a special menu should be made through the Herts Catering website:


Home Packed Lunches/Snacks

Children in KS2 can bring a healthy snack from home to eat during morning break time. Children in KS1 and Early Years are given a piece of fruit or salad vegetable at snack time.

Any drinks should be brought in named watertight containers but should not be fizzy or in glass bottles. No foods containing nuts can be brought into school as we have several children and staff who have a nut allergy, this includes Nutella, museli bars, cakes containing nuts, etc. Please ensure all lunchboxes and water bottles are clearly named.

Winter Menu - from 31st October 2022

There is no packed lunch option available on Fridays.

Printable Version of Winter menu's

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