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Welcome to Early Years!

21 July 2021


Ahoy, Me Hearties!


Early Years have continued to enjoy their learning about Under the Sea. 

We set sail aboard the 'Summercroft Jolly Roger' in search of treasure. During our journeys, we shared the high quality texts, The Night Pirates by Peter Harris and Pirates love Underpants by Claire Freedman. 

In role as pirates, the children have immersed themselves in a wide range of pirate themed activities. 

In Nursery, the children have been matching the correct quantity of golden coins to the numbered treasure chests. Using golden letter coins, we have been attempting to build words by identifying their initial, end and medial sounds.  We have also enjoyed playing in our pirate ship role play, dressing up as pirates and learning lots of pirate-themed songs!


In Reception, the children have been reinforcing their understanding of positional language by placing the pirates in different positions on a treasure map. They have been developing their writing skills by writing sentences about their favourite part of the story, The Night Pirates. The children used their phonics to segment to spell the words and used full stops and capital letters. 

We have also been budding designers by creating our own pirate ships using a range of media. The children were very creative by adding crows nests, portholes and planks to be walked. During our time aboard the 'Summercroft Jolly Roger', we got a bit hungry so we decided to make some sea-themed biscuits.  We weighed the ingredients, mixed them together and then rolled out the dough.  Finally we cut out our biscuit shapes using under-the-sea shaped cutters.  They were very yummy!

Amongst all of our pirate shenanigans, the children in Early Years also enjoyed a very successful sports day. They all entered into the team spirit by cheering on their friends during the team activities. The children took part in a range of activities including an obstacle course and hurdles. They then competed in an egg and spoon race and a sprint. The children all enjoyed the occasion and proudly wore their medals home. 


2 July 2021


Commotion in the Ocean


Early Years have been continuing their learning about Under the Sea.  We used the quality text Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae to introduce some different sea creatures.  We enjoyed reading the rhyming poems, especially the ones about turtles, sharks and whales.  We used a range of non-fiction texts to find out more about each of these sea creatures and would love to share these facts with you.  

In Reception, we have looked closely at different animal habitats, identified the similarities and differences between them and discussed why animals wouldn't survive living in a different habitat.  In expressive arts and design, we looked closely at a turtle shell and talked about the different shades of green we could see.  We explored colour mixing by making light and dark shades of green, which involved adding white and black paint to the green paint. Following on from shades of green, we took our learning outside at forest school and explored tones of colour in the natural environment.  We were amazed by how many different shades of green we could find and ordered them from lightest to darkest.  

In Nursery, the children have been creating paper plate turtles using a range of media including tissue paper and card.  We have also been pretending to be whales by blowing paint across a whale template.  In maths, the children have been extending their knowledge of subitising by matching an arrangement of dots to match their number.  In forest school, we collected a range of natural materials and worked together to create a fish natural art picture.  We were so impressed with the results!

Over the next two weeks, the children are very excited to jump aboard the Summercroft Jolly Roger as we embark on our Pirates Adventure!


18 June 2021


Under The Sea 


Early Years have dived into their new topic, Under the Sea. Our focus over the last few weeks has been based around The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. In Early Years, we have been weaving our own rainbow fish using coloured ribbon and collaging fish with special sparkly scales. The children have enjoyed finding out about sea creatures from this story, such as the octopus and starfish, too- do ask them to tell you a fact they have learnt.  The children have also talked about the importance of sharing and being kind to their friends just like the rainbow fish learnt in the story.  


We are looking forward to more under the sea adventures.


28 May 2021

It's Because We Are Different That Each of Us is Special!


The children entered the classroom at the start of this week to see that rainbows were everywhere!

We talked about how the seven colours symbolize diversity.  During the week, we have learnt about two diverse figures in art.  Firstly, we learnt about Andy Warhol and his pop art creations.  We created our own pop art in the style of Andy Warhol by painting four squares in bright colours.  We then placed a black handprint onto each square and finished our artwork by cutting out and sticking on a heart shape.  

We also found out about the artist Alison Lapper, who was born without any arms or legs and has produced stunning pieces of art by painting using her mouth.  We trialled painting using our mouths with our own paintbrushes and found out just how difficult it is.  After our explorations, we then attempted to paint a house picture using our own paintbrush in our mouths. Throughout the week we have also emerged ourselves in lots of other activities linked to rainbows.  We have made up our own rainbow theme poems and created dotty rainbows using cotton buds to develop our fine motor skills.  We also made rainbow names and collages.  

We have had great fun finding out about each other and how we have similarities and differences, but it is that important aspect that makes us unique and special in our own way.  We know that to be the best, we have to be who we are!


14 May 2021


Mad about Minibeasts! 

In Early Years, Nursery and Reception have been enjoying activities based on minibeasts and around the quality texts of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and Superworm by Julia Donaldson.  

The children were very excited by the arrival of our class caterpillars and this week they were delighted to find that they have now gone to the next phase of their life-cycle and have created their cocoons. We now eagerly wait for them to reveal themselves as butterflies!   

During forest school, the children used the learning powers of collaboration and challenge to create their own butterfly and caterpillar natural art. The children gathered their own natural resources from the field and woodland area and then worked collaboratively to create their masterpiece. They have also been using their owl eyes to look for different minibeasts in the woodland walk, copse and meadow area whilst taking part in a minibeast hunt!  

We hope that you are looking forward to seeing our ‘Minibeast Showcase’ on Tapestry on Tuesday 25th May which will reveal lots of the activities that the children have been engaging in. 


23 April 2021

Spring has Sprung!


Spring is definitely in the air across Early Years this week. We started by reading the story ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle, which introduced us to the life cycle of flowers. We learnt that plants produce seeds which can become new plants. We then immersed ourselves into the season of spring by looking at different flowers that grow during the season.  The children enjoyed engaging in some observational painting of daffodils and tulips.  We looked closely at the different parts of the flowers and learnt some new vocabulary associated with them. In Reception, we used our phonics knowledge to label their picture or write a caption.  

We have also been busy planting seeds in our gardens. The children each planted a sunflower seed and are in the process of looking after them to see whose sunflower will grow the tallest. We found out that flowers need water, sun and food in order to help them grow.  

As well as this, we made wild flower seed bombs and threw them into the meadow area. We are hoping that when the wild flowers grow they will attract lots of different minibeasts.   Also during our learning about spring, we found out about farm animals and their babies. The children had to match the animals with their babies and have learnt some of the baby animal names, such as cow and calf, horse and foal and goat and kid. 


26 March 2021

'We're Going on an Egg Hunt'


This week Early Years received a letter from the Easter Bunny explaining that he had left some Easter eggs for us to find.  The children were very excited to go off on their hunt and found lots of different brightly coloured eggs!  Following our Wow starter to the topic Easter, the children have been engaged in a wide range of Easter-themed activities.  In Nursery, we have been matching numeral and quantity using Easter loose parts, and practising our cutting skills to collage an Easter egg.  


In Reception the children have been drawing Easter pictures and writing sentences about them and exploring addition using a tens frame and Easter manipulatives.  The children have had a 'cracking' time!


18 December 2020

Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus is Coming to Summercroft!


Early Years were blown away to receive an urgent letter from Father Christmas.  In the letter he said that if he had time he would stop by to see us.  We set off on our search around the school grounds to see if we could find Santa.  We were amazed to find him in the Outdoor Classroom on the field.  Santa welcomed us with hot chocolate and a biscuit whilst he read to us the story 'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson.  Before we said goodbye, Father Christmas told us he had a little gift for us as we had been so good at school.


For the rest of the day, all of our learning activities were linked to the story.  Some of our activities included using stickman puppets to retell the story, painting and labelling Stickman pictures and making our very own Stickman during Forest School.


We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and look forward to seeing you in January.


4 December 2020

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! 


The children in Early Years have embraced the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas this week. Our preparations included making decorations to hang on the school Christmas tree as well as decorations for the classrooms. The children have been busy cutting, sticking, constructing and painting. The school and classrooms are looking very festive and the Christmas spirit is spreading amongst us all!


13 November 2020



Early Years have been busy celebrating Diwali this week.   Our learning has been based on the story Binny's Diwali by Thrity Umrigar. This has included opportunities to learn about how Diwali is celebrated around the world including here in Britain. We found out how Jessica celebrates Diwali by watching a clip of her preparing for and celebrating the ‘Festival of Lights’ with her family and friends.  The children have made diva lamps, Rangoli patterns using 2D shapes and loose parts, and created special firework paintings using a variety of media and materials.  We have been learning some special Diwali songs and Nursery have even learnt a dance! We are sure the children will happily share this with you.


23 October 2020

Pumpkin Soup

In Early Years, the children have been enjoying activities based on the story of Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper and learning about autumn. Our learning journey begun this week with a very autumnal ‘Pumpkin Walk’ around the school fields in Reception! Our roleplay areas were transformed with the help of the children into fruit and vegetable shops, in which they have thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of shopkeeper and practiced their counting using money.  Later in the week, the children also took on the role of scientists and used their ‘super senses’ to investigate and find out information about pumpkins, with some of the children describing the texture inside the pumpkin as "slimy" and "sticky".  Other learning opportunities have included colour mixing to paint their own pumpkins, practising fine motor skills by threading wool around pumpkin shapes, using language of size to order the pumpkins and making silly soup using rhyming words! In addition, the children have also enjoyed finding out about autumn, making an autumn tree collage using coloured pumpkin seeds and learning how to print using leaves.


9 October 2020

The Colour Monster

Nursery and Reception have been enjoying activities based on the story 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas. The story focuses on different emotions and each feeling has a colour linked to it. The children have been exploring language based on different emotions and have been discussing what actions may make us feel happy, sad, angry, scared and calm. We have also explored the idea that sometimes our colours may be mixed up as we may be feeling confused. During ChIL, the children have been collaging the monsters using different media and have also been painting their own colour monsters and arranging shapes to make monsters!



25 September 2020

It’s Good To Be Me!

Nursery and Reception have been busy settling into their new classroom environments and exploring all of the different areas. We have been making new friends and learning about our Golden Rules. 

This week we have been thinking about ourselves and our families. We created self portraits of ourselves using different media. We looked in the mirror to see what colour eyes and hair we have.  We then drew pictures of the people who are in our immediate family.