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Follow Up to Ofsted Parent View Survey 2020/21

The governors considered the responses at their meeting in July and asked Mr Jess to come up with ideas to improve certain things. The following has been agreed:-


Changes will be made to the Anti-Bullying Charter so that everyone understands the process of identifying and dealing quickly and effectively with bullying.  Anti-bullying will be a focus on the School Improvement Plan and the children will be involved in writing a new policy.


To show you that the school has high expectations, you will be sent typical examples of what the children are expected to achieve in writing and maths by the end of the academic year and these will also be available on the website.  


To ensure that you know how your child is doing, there will be a clear structure to conversations at parents’ evenings and teachers will use consistent language across the school to discuss a child’s progress and achievement.


Just to clarify about after school clubs, the staff are not asked to run them so that they can use the time for lesoon planning and assessment.  We are offering an increased number of external clubs now that the Covid-19 restrictions have eased.


This has been a productive exercise and the governors aim to run it again this year.


Michael Kirby

Chair of Governors