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Summercroft is Proud to Help the Royal Society's Young People's Book Prize 2023

The Royal Society's Young People's Book prize shortlist was chosen by a panel of five adult judges and they have asked 10,000 young people in schools across the country to form their own judging panels to read, discuss and judge the books themselves.  The books shortlisted are:

· A Bug’s World by Dr Erica McAlister

· Am I Made of Stardust? by Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock

· Bodies, Brains and Bogies by Paul Ian Cross

· Deadly and Dangerous Animals by Ben Rothery

· Live Like a Hunter Gatherer by Naomi Walmsley

· Step Inside Science: Germs by Sarah Hull.


Summercroft are proud to be one of the selected schools to review the six books and are very thankful to a team from Year 6 who have carefully reviewed the books on four criteria- interest, look and feel, ease of reading and inspiration - and have come up with our top title which was Live Like a Hunter Gatherer by Naomi Walmsley.  We have fed back this back to the Royal Society so together we can decide the final winner for 2023. All the shortlisted books will be in the school library for everyone to look at over the next few weeks. Have a read and let us know which is your top pick!